Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Top Ten

A much better Tuesday than last week’s:

I can see! My new glasses were ready, the first new pair since before October 2007 when the retina in my right eye detached. Seeing became less of a chore the second I put them on, and the new frames look better on my face.

Joey came by early to give us an estimate on power washing the house. There is mold on the brick in a number of places on three sides. Joey has clear blue eyes, is kind to old ladies, and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg. Also, it seems he “does everything,” so we may have found another gem.

Screwed up my courage and went to a podiatrist this morning to have the ingrown nail fixed on my big toe. The toe was tender and inflamed, but I kept putting off going until the pain won out. It’s fixed! The doctor really didn’t hurt me at all, and the relief was immediate. I think I had pictured total amputation without an anesthetic.

Mary Oliver has published a new collection of poetry called Evidence, I was informed via e-mail from Barnes & Noble. Two hours later, I had a copy in my hand. Just a little advance birthday present to myself. I will savor it. Mary, you are such a wonder.

Unbeknownst to us, the lawn guys left the gate open and Pancho wasn’t in the back yard when we went to let him in the house 5 minutes after his afternoon meal. Hearts in throats, we went racing to the front door to prepare to scour the neighborhood, and there he was on the porch, prancing around and praising himself for being such a good dog.

She has made her famous lemon cheesecake. I prefer it above all others, and hers is so simple. We will have it after leftover pulled pork cooked with Spanish rice and black beans tonight.

I am presently drinking a glass of Coastal Merlot from Trader Joe’s. Not bad at all.

Miss T had her usual nap next to me this afternoon (perfect time for a nap—cold, dark, and windy) on her purple pillow. For some reason, Miss T and I established several years ago that when it’s nap time together, and at no other time, I arrange a certain purple pillow next to my head, and that’s her place. She knows the words “nap” and “purple pillow” as well as her own name.

Marsha has invited us to a Passover Seder at her house on Saturday. They are Reform Jews, so she says the Seder is “short, sweet, and to the point.” We’ve never been to a Seder and we love Marsha and her husband Tony, so we are delighted. I also loved the fact that I asked what we could bring, and she told me: deviled eggs. It’s fun being included like that.

The bunnies are out!


  1. It is so nice to see the venerable Patrick O'Easter again and his distinguished bunny friends.

    And I am so very glad that this Tuesday was so much better than last week's. Yay for new glasses, happy big toes, Mary Oliver, and She's famous lemon cheesecake!

  2. Love your buns! I have mine on my dining room table, where I see them every morning at breakfast and smile. And thanks for the heads up on Mary Oliver. And I LOVE lemon cheesecake, and have never been to a seder. I'll look for short and sweet, if I ever get an invite.

  3. Cute decorations! But, you will have to read a few of my posts back where I talk about: No Garlic and No Easter Decorations!
    I noticed you joined my blog as a Follower, and I thank you SO much!!
    I am adding myself on as a follower of your blog too!
    Thanks Again and visit my blog often, I love comments too!
    The Retirement Chronicles