Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blurb & Bourbon

2003 photo album 

Want a hardcover copy of your blog, cookbook, family photo album, collected poems, travel journal or whatever? How about hardcover copies (with dust jackets, even!) to give away as gifts? Check out

Oh my, I’ve had fun for the past 24 hours. I dragged out all of my photos for 2003, which fortunately I had on a “picture CD” as in 2003 we did not have a digital camera. I’ve made what I hope will be a very nice little 28-page family photo album for that year, with text and some good page layouts. That’s the cover of my album, above.

There’s a tutorial video on the website, and it’s actually quite good. I finished putting the album together just a little while ago, uploaded it, and ordered one copy which should be here in about 10 days. Highly recommended for those of you who take wonderful photos and write terrific stories, as well as those of you who are wonderful cooks. You know who you are! Even if you take mediocre photos and write only mildly entertaining captions for them, here’s a newfangled way to make an album without going to the Hallmark store. The possibilities are endless. Check it out.

In other news, the afternoon was made brighter when neighbor Linda hallooed across the fence that she had fresh mint grown in her own backyard, as well as some Maker’s Mark bourbon with which to make mint juleps. Linda and other neighbor Glo came over forthwith to sit on our back porch under the ceiling fan and partake of same.  Linda, bless her, had brought everything in a well organized paper bag, including ice cubes!  That’s a registered dietician for you. The juleps were delicious beyond description, and we have agreed that this may become a weekend ritual for at least as long as the fresh mint lasts.  Here’s to us.


  1. The juleps sound wonderful. How very Southern of you.

    Your picture project sounds great. I've gotten myself on Facebook and I've been putting some pictures on as well. I tried to send you a facebook invite but it wouldn't go through (story of my life). Check me out some time. I town't be hard, how many Margo Villanova's do you imagine there are in this world.

  2. Wow, what lovely neighbors you have! As a lifelong Southerner, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I've never sat on the porch and drunk a mint julep, although I have eaten a Moon Pie on the porch but I guess that isn't quite the same thing. :-) Perhaps I should rectify this oversight soon. Mint juleps with good friends on the porch on a warm, early-summer evening with the porch fan turning lazily, caressing your face with a light breeze---sounds heavenly.