Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sharon 5th birthday

My favorite time of day, when the birds are getting into their pajamas and the sun is setting.  And the word “eventide”:  I love it. 

Today is birthday eve for me.  Tomorrow I will be, impossibly be, 66.  The other day I was laughing cynically to myself and thinking that the only two good things about being 66 are that “6” is supposed to be my lucky number, and that I’m on the right side of the flower bed. 

But I think now, on the eventide before my 66th birthday, that things are a little bit better than I’m making them out to be.  After all these years, I seem to be amassing a drop or two of wisdom, and sometimes those two drops will stay with me for several hours at a time. 

A tattered black and white photo of me taken around the time of my 5th birthday shows me holding an Easter lily.  I can still feel the hot sun as I stood on the dirt driveway, see that clear blue Texas sky, breathe in the delicious smell and feel the soft petals of the lily I held in my hand.  I saw dozens of lilies yesterday at our local botanical garden, and I was 5 again in a flash.

I am not happy about all of my chins, but I am at home with them.  I am grateful to have pretty hair.  I am just as grateful to have a new Rollator, which is pushed like a stroller without the baby and allows my arthritic spine and joints to go places and enjoy things that I’ve been missing out on.  I have grieved the loss of mobility.   Now I’m rolling with it!  I have people and animals who love me and whom I love back with a knowing fierceness.  Every day brings gifts. 

Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Hi Sharon - Happy Birthday. I always look forward to your posts.

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day with lots of treats.

  3. I love your new post! Can't wait to see you
    and that Rollator racing down the street!
    Happy Birthday # 66 to you, my friend!

  4. I hadn't seen this new post until after I e-mailed you today. It made me very happy, because now I know that this year I did say Happy Birthday on the right day and not ten days too early like last year! Here comes a big birthday hug from another Double Six!

  5. Sweetie, you still don't look a day over five. Well, maybe ONE day over...but you're the same gorgeous girl.


  6. Indeed, happy birthday! And aren't you adorable at 5 (as we all were, whether we knew it or not)???!

  7. What a sweet picture! What would you tell that little girl in the picture if you could give her advice?
    Happy, happy birthday and many, many more!!!!

  8. Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Sharon! I do hope it was a day of happiness and wonder. I love that picture and can see that lovely little five-year-old girl in you now.

    I also love the word "eventide." And "in the gloaming." How does that song go? "In the gloaming, oh my darling / When the lights are soft and low / And the quiet shadows falling / Softly come and softly go..."

  9. Happy Birthday! Goodness, you're still very recognisable.

  10. Based on the beautiful comments above, I should have a birthday every week or so. Thank you!

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