Friday, July 2, 2010

Rabbits At Dusk

A typical “conversation” in our house this morning:

She (shouting from the bathroom where she has just gotten out of the shower and is looking out the bathroom window to the back yard):  “There’s a cat in our yard but I don’t know if it’s one of ours or not.  I don’t have my glasses on.”

Me (shouting back from the office where I was sitting down, now looking out the back door to the yard):  “It’s Miss T lying in the grass.  She’s probably watching for rabbits.”  (Miss T has never caught anything in the 7 years she’s lived with us, but she still has lust in her heart.)

She (still yelling from the bathroom):  “No, I think they are usually out around dusk.”  (Pause.)  “I’m a rabbit expert.”  (Slightly longer pause.)  “I should have a TV show.  Rabbits At Dusk.”


  1. I think "Rabbits at Dusk" would be a far more interesting reality show than the ones they have on TV these days. Of course, with our poor television reception, we'd need "rabbit ears" to see it. Ha,ha.

  2. Rabbits at Dusk...what a great title for a long, juicy novel! It just has that sound to it, you know?

  3. Giggle.

    I would go to the reunion. Who cares about pounds?

  4. That rabbit conversation gave me a BIG laugh which I desperately need early this morning as I grade papers and prepare for 4 classes today with the heat on in the house as it is so cold here!! Thanks for the brightening up my day.

  5. This "exchange" is SO typical, I swear it's a repeat! :-) It's SO She.

    Rabbits at Dusk makes me think of Watership Down, though, and that's no good.