Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We were on our way to the library.  Sheila asked, “Have you thought any more about what to take Sue tomorrow?”  We have been invited to lunch at Sue’s house. 

“Yes,” I said.  “I thought we’d take a nice chilled bottle of that ChocoVine.”  She grimaced sourly.  “What?” I exclaimed.  “You don’t like it now?  You sure acted like you did!” 

“It’s ten dollars,” she said glumly.  “I know,I replied, thinking “What isn’t?” 

“Ten,” she grumped.  “It’s the new one.”


  1. You folks rock. I'm not just saying that. And just this past Saturday I saw a chocolate mead wine that I wondered about--particularly for my chocolate-loving friends. Perhaps I'll try it.

  2. hhahaaa I love regifting.. it is the art of giving. ha

  3. Ha, ha...that's so true!

    ChocoVine sounds intriguing...I'll have to look around for it.