Monday, August 31, 2009

The End of August

Miss T and The Quilt

The weather was ideal today, sunny but with a high of  only 72 degrees.  What  a relief at the end of a sweltering August.  We turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows to enjoy the fresh air.  People moved up and down the street all day, walking by themselves, walking with a dog, pushing a stroller, running, or biking. 

Dean came to put down lime, weed, and seed on the front lawn.  The front dirt.  Every year we think we finally have a lawn, and every year it dies a hideous death.   Dean thinks that the two huge maples suck up all the water and nutrients.  I glare at the malevolent maples.   “Looks rough,” understated Dean.  “You gotta  do two things now.  You gotta water every day and you gotta love it,” he advised.  “Can you love it?”  “You better add prayer to that,” I replied.  Dean crossed his fingers.

We celebrated the end of August by going to Padow’s for toasted egg salad sandwiches, sitting at our favorite table by the front window.  After lunch, I held Miss T’s back paws while we napped on my already beloved, beautiful new purple and green quilt, made by a dear friend who is a genius with a big, soft heart (and thankfully, a low tolerance for my whining and begging over the last two years).

This evening we sat on the back porch in the gathering dark.  Sheila silently said her beads, and I bowed my head in the sure presence of angels, picturing their wings enfolding those I love. 


  1. I say a shehecheyanu for your quilt!

  2. Miss T looks quite regal in that picture, as though she owns that bed, but graciously allows you also to sleep there. :-) I love your purple room.

    I pray a lot on my porch, too, and I know I have angels there. I'm glad you do, too, Sharon---may God and His angels bless and keep those you love.

  3. It's another perfect, clear, cool day here, too. Heaven.

  4. Beca says: I heard about that quilt- and it is *indeed* all that! :)