Thursday, August 27, 2009

For Tara

Tara's gift

What’s ahead?

Only what we are given in that first breath,

Which is everything.

What’s ahead?

Perhaps an understanding

That the flight of a hummingbird

And a yellow hibiscus,

A church bell ringing,

The scent of a candle,

The touch of a hand,

The life in a handful of earth,

And the taste of salt

Are enough.

To the watcher at the window,

The road is not empty

But only waiting

For the walker or the rider

To come into view.

Ahead are gifts not yet given

Or received.

And time, before we leave.

- Sharon, c. 1999, written for 2009


  1. The road is not empty, but only waiting. I love that. Beautiful photo. I'm guessing this is you and Tara.

  2. That is a lovely and moving poem, Sharon. And there is so much truth in those words. I really love that photograph of you and Tara.