Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have Mercy

I’m pretty sure that this post is going to be about food. I’ve had quite a lot of it in the past 24 hours.

The highlight of foodiness was lunch today at Chez Foushee. We had two excuses for a nice lunch: my friend Marsha needed to be rescued from her job for a couple of hours, and Ed The Painter arrived this morning and has taken over our kitchen. I notice that Ed has gotten older and creakier since the last time he painted over here, but his groaning doesn’t sound nearly as horrific as what I sound like putting on my socks, so I guess he’s alright for awhile.

Chez Foushee, which happens to be on Grace at Foushee Street, has wonderful food and impeccable service. If you’ve been there once or twice, you’re treated like a favorite long-lost cousin on arrival, and if this is your first time, you’re likely to be hugged on your way out. She and I both had the tilapia on toasted flatbread with dressed mixed greens, sweet potato relish and saffron aioli. Please know that I am usually not a big fan of fish, and have even shuddered at the thought on occasion. This was scrumptious. Before that I ate as much white bean hummus as I decently could, and afterward I ate an entire piece of Chez F’s famous lemon butter cake. I justified the latter because I had been thinking about it for two weeks.

It was a rough day. After we got home, I barely had time to take a nap before going off to my haircut appointment.

For dinner tonight (can you believe we had anything at all?) we had leftover sausage crepes from our dinner last night. I had already eaten a couple this morning, for breakfast. Ed was here in the kitchen and everything, it was just easier than stirring up some oatmeal as usual. (Right?) I have been making these crepes for over 30 years, and they are excellent for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Email me at if you are interested in having the recipe.

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