Monday, March 2, 2009

Power. Gotta have it.

We had a snowstorm here, and we lost power on our block on Sunday night about 10pm. We were in the midst of watching a 2-hour episode of Thin Ice with Tom Selleck. First time I’d seen it. His Golden Retriever is the best part, but the show’s not bad entertainment and I did want to find out if the kidnapped boy was still alive. Does anyone know???? We slept okay under warm covers, but this morning the power was still not back on, and it was damn cold. Let us just say here that neither of us is good at suffering gracefully or in silence. That will tactfully sum up the day we had until about 2:15 pm, when a Dominion Power truck drove by. A few minutes later, the window curtains were riffling gently from the nice warm air coming out of the heating vents. Thank God. We got about six inches of snow in this area, and it truly looks beautiful. When you’ve got power.
P.S. She just read this post, laughed, and said "It's funny now. Wasn't funny then." Nope.


  1. Ours went out around 10pm Sunday and didn't come back on until around 4pm. It didn't think it was too bad, but our heat used to break all the time and we got used to walking around the house in hats and gloves. It's been a long time since that's happened though, and my daughter doesn't remember it. She was miserable. Hates being cold. The teen mostly just went through internet withdrawel.

  2. I had a serious case of Internet withdrawal myself. When things don't work, that's when you want 'em extra bad.

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