Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The New Pet Sitter

Rain, and even thunderstorms are forecast for our 3 days in DC, but that’s what umbrellas are for. Meanwhile, we have a new pet sitter, and she came over with her husband tonight for orientation, receipt of the key, and a preliminary look at the 6-page pet and house sitting manual I have developed. You think this is funny? I don’t care. These are our babies, and we want them safe and happy.

I think they will be. Carrie and Ricky have five pets of their own, and are a very sweet couple in spite of their own pets’ names. You see, Ricky is an expert at horror makeup and special effects. Their cats are named Slash, Krueger, and Elvira. The dogs are Mandible (geez) and Hex, which is short for Hecubus. A sweet couple, indeed. The audience is now shouting “No! No! Don’t leave Pancho, Billy and Miss T with them!” while the organ reaches a frightening crescendo….


  1. No! No! Don't leave Pancho, Billy, and Miss T with them! Leave SHEILA instead.

    *rolls on floor laughing*

    Love to you both

  2. ...I, myself, had a 7 page "book" for "cat sitters"/house watchers/yard & garden waterers...
    especially when I was to be gone for a week and it was "high summer" which here in central CA can often have temps of 105-108 for days if not weeks at a time...
    my worst homecoming[horror story] was after such a prolonged heat spell...I not only came home to parched & dying vegetation... but the sitter had gotten lazy & NOT cleaned out the cat boxes daily... and since "then", I had only a poor wall AC unit that kept the inside temp about 80-85, there were flies EVERYWHERE... and fly specks covering most walls...not to mention the stench... I now have central heat & AC...
    and am much more careful about whom I leave in charge... have a nice trip...

  3. I have no fear--the ever-vigilant Billy will keep watch over his beloved friends and will let no harm befall them!

    Y'all have a great trip!