Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Top Ten

I’m here. I just don’t want to write humorously, gently, thoughtfully, or lovingly. I’m feeling kind of pissed off and ornery. I don’t like:

• Washington DC
• wind
• my neighbor’s lying, ne’er-do-well son who could help her and doesn’t
• the fact that ER’s last episode is this week
• being fat and unfit
• customer service people who talk like robots
• driving behind or near someone on a cellphone
• cuticles
• potholes
• myself when I am ungracious, childish and ill-humored

This too shall pass. I wish it would hurry the hell up.


  1. Hey, nothing wrong with a good, healthy rant now and then! Venting the spleen is good for you---I try to do it at least once or twice a week. I almost always feel better---it's kind of like clearing my sinuses. So...rave on!

  2. You're kvetching like a good Jewish mother!

    Phoebe loves watching me with customer service robots. I am not sure what I would call it if I listed it as a hobby, but I think I might call it "breaking through the mechanical transactions to the real people." The irony is that while I WANT to make a connection with customer service sort of folks to have a more "real" connection with them, in "real" life, if they wanted to be my friend, that would not be okay.

    Quit trying to be my friend, I want to yell to the casual acquaintance who wants more. But it's my fault. I like a strong first impression. And I'm just that charming.